1. D

    i have a zgemma 2 box. Are all the channels still off or can someone supply me with some?

    Hi I used to subscribe to a good range of sly channels through the Zgemma star 2 box but then all the channels stopped working when they were scrambled. are these boxes any good still? could someone recommend a good tv channel provider i could sign up to for them? cheers
  2. W

    XtreamTV Channel Bouquet

    Hi guys, just trying to find some information about accessing the IPTV channels through the normal bouquet listings instead of having to go through XtreamTV. Is it possible to do this or do I have to download a plugin etc. I do have a copy of the file which was sent by the supplier would i be...
  3. Batley boy

    Satellite Zgemm H.2H, Free to Air Channels

    Hi There, I wonder if someone can help me with getting the free to air channel list back onto my box, had a power cut on Sunday and the box had re-booted and now I can't view the free to view channel list, is there any instructions to reload or can anybody direct me to what part of the menu...
  4. Batley boy

    Zgemm H.2H,Password Protection

    Hi there, Now I have used the service for a week or so, I have noticed the Adult channels are very easy accessible and with young children about this could be very dangerous,can anybody advise me if it is possible to put some sort of a lock onto the Adult channel part of the list please...
  5. Carcosa

    a random channel question...

    Hey all! Just a little question...anyone got Travel Channel US on their channel list? Curious to know if it was getting excluded for a particular reason (including my current sub) or if a lot of providers just weren't bothering with it...noticed over several tests in the past that it was missing...
  6. ellobee

    Streaming from Zgemma to Firestick

    I am having a problem streaming HD channels from my Zgemma H2s to Kodi on my firestick, I also have Plex setup on my firestick and I can stream HD channels from a Plex Server without any issues so I know the firestick can handle HD streaming, so I was wondering if there are some settings in Kodi...
  7. O

    Software to Measure Broadband Channel Traffic?

    Hi, I'm looking to change my router channel to see if I can squeeze out any extra bandwidth for my broadband. I had hoped to download a program for my laptop running Windows 7 or an app for my iPhone 6 (hopefully free) that would give me the information I require. Basically I want to scan the...
  8. A

    Free iptv on zgemma enigma 2

  9. A

    IPTV on Zgemma / Enigma 2

    Hi is may have been posted before but seems very good for 3pm kick off etc. Check out my video
  10. systemlord

    Getting m3u URL To Be Recognised

    Hey folks, a little help please. I've got an IPTV m3u URL in the following format: http://****************/get.php? username=**********&password=*******&type=m3u_plus&ouput=m3u8 I can open this in VLC player on my PC just fine and it decompresses? all the individual channels into a playlist...
  11. boxer2011

    Qviart qviart unic

    does anyone know anything about these I need to get a channel list any help will be grateful