Software to Measure Broadband Channel Traffic?



I'm looking to change my router channel to see if I can squeeze out any extra bandwidth for my broadband.

I had hoped to download a program for my laptop running Windows 7 or an app for my iPhone 6 (hopefully free) that would give me the information I require.

Basically I want to scan the channels being used in my area to find what one has the least traffic, but also the one that has the best signal, so would in turn possibly give me a greater speed than the 5Mb I currently receive. I know that the speed ultimately comes down to what my phone line can handle, however over the past month I have noticed speeds getting slower with more buffering on YouTube etc.

Can anyone recommend a program or app that would be able to give me this information?

That makes no sense whatsoever. Your broadband is not your wifi, it runs via a coper cable to the DP which then it may run on fibre depending. Its contented with 20 or 50 other house holds and that you cannot change unless you pay a much higher premium.

Your talkin about scanning wireless channels which only affect your internal network so from your router to your devices. There is loads of free apps for your phone which can do that. But bear in mind this has no impact on your broadband speeds.


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Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure a while back I read that if neighbours for example were on the same router channel as me then it could cause frequency clashes for example and affect BB performance. Ah well, you live and you learn.