1. Sirius

    Not activated

    Hi all, a friend brought me an old dell laptop today that she was given and asked can I get it updated, it’s running windows 7 ultimate I tried to upgrade to windows 10 all was going well until it said windows isn’t activated enter your product key, I went into system but there isn’t any ware to...
  2. HiTeck

    Massive reduction - Snowkids HDMI Cable HDMI 2.0 a/b 1.8m High Speed with Ethernet REDUCED from £6.99 to just £2.45 With code SOOXLRDB @ Checkout. BARGAIN! Ordered 2 myself.. Post in comments if code worked. If you haven't already go follow our Facebook page for new deals
  3. WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 At 19.30.44

    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 At 19.30.44

    Codigo Radio Fiat 500
  4. dump code fiat 500

    dump code fiat 500

    hello friends i need help plz i want dump code for this car radio
  5. hulkster1974

    Technomate TM-NANO_SE m2 plus

    Hey guys bought a replacement remote for my box but no instructions on how to pair anybody got any ideas the remote i got was a technomate tm-5402-hd im reading that this remote inst compatible now
  6. 30772185_10204677201966506_1649665788_o


  7. B

    Radio code for renault scenic

    After coming back from the garage the old radio code for my mum's car is not working, can anyone help please? I've taken the radio out and here are the numbers; Model- 22dc259/62p Tos411 Rn259fy0162253 Prod no- fd040390162553 7700434424ts411 7700434424
  8. U

    Chrysler Radio TT

    Hi All, please I need your help in getting the code of my Jeep Chrysler Radio: Part NO: 05064954AC Supplier: 26777L Issue 1 Date Code: 0280 SN: TT1AA0280Y4995 hope you can help thanks Regards
  9. A

    Chrysler Radio code

    Hi there, i need please your help in getting the code of my Jeep Chrysler Radio: PID:05064191AG Supplier: 56401B Issue 1 Date Code:1727 SN:T H1 AA 172 7 J 6260 issue caused by Battery change. hope you can help thanks in advance Regards Ahmed
  10. M

    Merc engine turns over but wont run

    i had a code for this p0102/p0103 which indicated possible mass air flow sensor. i changed the MAF then like an idiot deleted the codes. now i have no codes showing but the car still wont run. it starts, turns over but that's it. :oops: i'm now thinking fuel pump/fuel filter? any other...
  11. M

    Radio code for NIssan Micra C+C

    Since having new battery fitted yesterday, I need to input code - which I don't have. I read that the relevant numbers may be on a label inside glove box, and I have found the following - not sure if any of these are serial numbers - can you help please? K127003653 88FED99EDAF1 19095357
  12. S

    radio code nissan micra

    hi there. can i have my 4 digits radio code please i think i lost the book. BP334936354792
  13. T

    Nissan Micra radio code needed please

    Hi there. Father in law needs a radio code since battery replacement. Radio number is CL0816 9 0105123 Nissan part number is 28185 BG10A MODEL NO is PP-3001M-B HOPE someone can help please. Thanks
  14. P

    Fiat 500 radio code

    Hello Could you help me with the radio code for a fiat 500 please Bp nr 7648292316 Fiat nr 7354997100 Bp 829290765131 Blaupunkt Thanks
  15. systemlord

    Citroen Picasso 22RC290/35

    Hi, can someone tell me if I'll need a code for when I put this in my Picasso and what it is please. Numbers on sticker are: T0A199 PROD NO: FD0501490073572 VDO RD3-00 VDACLF10073572 REF CITROEN: 96 443 209 7700 VDL0073572 Thanks in advance.
  16. M

    I'm for the radio code for 08 Renault Megane. 8200 607 918T E797

    8200 607 918T E797
  17. M

    Renault Radio code wanted

    Hi, Need a code for the following radio if possible. Many thanks. 20170412_123622[19337] by muttley99 posted Apr 12, 2017 at 12:46 PM
  18. D

    Android Calling people in the know

    Just got the app Solid Streams. Anyone know how to cast to TV without chromecast? I've got the app bubble up but doesn't seem to work due to the choice of players in Solid Streams, maybe!? Helpppppppp! Cheers
  19. j4v3d

    Wikileaks releases code that could unmask CIA hacking operations

    "Marble" libraries include code used to obfuscate—and unscramble— CIA malware. Up until this week, WikiLeaks' "Vault 7" releases of files from a Central Intelligence Agency software development server have largely consisted of documentation for the various malware projects the CIA's...
  20. J

    Radio code for Renault Megane

    Hi Looking for code for radio after flat battery please Model no: 22DC277/62 Prod no: FD0103310255148 TOV976 RN277F30255148 8200256141TV976 Looking forward to not so silent journeys! Thanks