1. H

    Looking for radio code Opel Corsa C 2002

    Hi there! Im looking for a radio code for my opel corsa. The serial code is 9022140978101 I also added a picture Thanks in advance!
  2. V

    Volvo v40 radio code

    Hello, could someone help me get the radio code for the volvo sc-805 player? player serial number V00700 X7139167G
  3. H

    Nissan Juke Radio Code

    Hello guys I have Nissan Juke 2013. I need the radio code. Please could I have the radio code for 2013 juke ? Serial No: DW33N19139 Part No: 28185BX80A Date: 13.04.03 Many thanks.
  4. L

    Philips SC201

    Hi! Can anyone help me with a code for my Philips SC201 radio with serial number: ‏GM0201S1678923 Thank you!
  5. D

    Radio code Help

    Hi can anyone help with a radio code for a Chrysler Voyager Thanks in advance
  6. HiTecK

    Changes to the highway code.

    Anyone else think these changes are ridiculous?
  7. V

    Volvo 850 -96 radio code 😩

    Hello! I bought Volvo 850 about year ago. When I bought it the radio was asking code but I didnt find it anywhere from the papers or anywhere. Can someone find a code for this?
  8. S

    Chrysler Grand Voyager radio code

    Hi, can someone help me with my chrysler radio code? Date code : 0362 Supplier : 17719D S/N : TCCAA0362Z4397 Thank you very much in advance
  9. K

    Nissan Almera radio code

    Hi, Can you find my radio code? Radio serial is CL052920067700 Thank you!!!
  10. S


    Anyone know what the password code is for a mag 254 box
  11. P

    Code autoradio Chrysler PT Cruiser

    Bonjour mon poste autoradio est bloquer il me demande un code. Sn:TCAAA1314K7983 Pt cruiser 2005 Merci d avance
  12. D

    chrysler RB3 code

    Hi all I m trying to get the code for my Chrysler Van RB3 gps. Serial code is T00BE098400086. Thanks for your help ! Dom
  13. D

    Code for Chrysler RB3 GPS

    Hello, I m trying to get the code for my Chrysler Van RB3 gps. Serial code is T00BE098400086. Thanks for your help ! Dom
  14. Sirius

    Windows 7 Not activated

    Hi all, a friend brought me an old dell laptop today that she was given and asked can I get it updated, it’s running windows 7 ultimate I tried to upgrade to windows 10 all was going well until it said windows isn’t activated enter your product key, I went into system but there isn’t any ware to...
  15. HiTecK

    Massive reduction - Snowkids HDMI Cable HDMI 2.0 a/b 1.8m High Speed with Ethernet REDUCED from £6.99 to just £2.45 With code SOOXLRDB @ Checkout. BARGAIN! Ordered 2 myself.. Post in comments if code worked. If you haven't already go follow our Facebook page for new deals
  16. WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 At 19.30.44

    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 At 19.30.44

    Codigo Radio Fiat 500
  17. dump code fiat 500

    dump code fiat 500

    hello friends i need help plz i want dump code for this car radio
  18. hulkster1974

    Technomate TM-NANO_SE m2 plus

    Hey guys bought a replacement remote for my box but no instructions on how to pair anybody got any ideas the remote i got was a technomate tm-5402-hd im reading that this remote inst compatible now
  19. 30772185_10204677201966506_1649665788_o


  20. B

    Radio code for renault scenic

    After coming back from the garage the old radio code for my mum's car is not working, can anyone help please? I've taken the radio out and here are the numbers; Model- 22dc259/62p Tos411 Rn259fy0162253 Prod no- fd040390162553 7700434424ts411 7700434424