1. C

    Video to Text conversion software

    Hi Chaps I have recorded a few videos from work on my mobile which are about an hour long involving lots of talking about technical stuff - then uploaded to my laptop to watch again on VLC player Rather than me sit through and write everything down - is there any recommended software programs...
  2. E

    Setting Up Custom App for IPTV

    I'm no whizz kid and have never learned computer coding. Is it possible to set up custom build Xtream Codes IPTV app and custom designed interface from scratch as a test using freeware? I 'm going blind into this and I'm wondering what's involved. Not interested in providing channels or VOD. It...
  3. G


    please see the screenshop of my desktop mess , can anyone help in deleting this and restoring my correct desktop , thanking you shortstop
  4. S


    I tried to go back from Windows 11 to 10, put my bitlocker code in but keeps saying automatic repair failed, and computer did not start property. Any ideas. TIA
  5. celticfc

    Laptop fan won't work dell E6510

    HI i have a dell E6510 the prob is when the fan is in the laptop it wont work but if i hook it up to a external power supply it works but when i put in back in laptop is spun for about 3 seconds then stopped does anyone know what the prob. might be i tried speedfan but it doesn't recognize the...
  6. channelking

    Android Emulator PC

    Hi guys Tried blue stacks android emulator but due to how old my pc is its just slows down whole of the pc and crashes it. Is there another good one instead of blue stacks?
  7. G

    home plugs/ wi fi

    hi all, i have vm and 100mb in the room where the hub is i get the full whack on phone or laptop via wi fi, upstairs there is 2 pc's mine if plug home plug direct to pc get a max 29 if i plug it into a router i get a max 30mb. my sons pc in next bedroom gets 60mb via wifi, and my pc is a more...
  8. skybot1

    Looking for Malwarebytes

    Can anyone help I got a massive virus on one of my laptops , will not let me open any web browser. Pm me please Regards Skybot1.
  9. P

    Other IPTV-Smarters-3.0.0 3.0.0

    IPTV-Smarters for pc tryed and tested it
  10. P

    sound issues

    Having sound issues on windows 10,i currently am using surround sound speakers on my pc as i use it for a media pc.Randomly the sound drops out and the power led on my speakers goes out if i raise volume it comes back on have tried a different make of surround and still the same anyone know of a...
  11. channelking

    Sony MDR-RF810R Headphones

    Hi guys So I bought this headhphones about 8 years ago I think but had put it away as was having issues with it. Never used them Well cleaning the garage came across them but still having same issues as I did all those years ago with them. So I dont get any sound whatsoever coming through the...
  12. kevo_uk

    HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop Drivers/Recovery Disk

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a DV6 laptop, I need a recovery disk or drivers for it? Checked online and HP don't do them anymore. Thanks
  13. bazcfc1

    Video shop

    Evening all has anyone got a copy of photo shop as my son is after a copy for his college work to do with it and just wondering if anyone had a copy or know where I could get my hands on a copy for him any help and advice greatly appriciated and thank you in advance for replys (if any lol)
  14. Willo3092

    Windows 8 Ransomware

    My home PC was playing up this morning and I tried to restore a backup but it failed. Restarted and couldn't access my home network and I then noticed that some of my dropbox files were renamed with a .??elec extension. I opened another file and it was a ransomware message. I immediately pulled...