1. X

    Network Snowflake SSH 1.0.4

    Simple graphical interface for common file operations The app is designed to provide a simple graphical interface which allow common activities like moving files on server, renaming, cut, copy, paste, archiving, executing scripts, checking free space, calculating directory size, changing...
  2. cactikid

    Wifi issue

    At work our borrowed internet has had issues not connecting,rebooted everything,work was been carried out but since then no internet.I believe one can use mobile phone to tether to laptop when close by but never tried or done it so looking for advise for connection for phone to laptop cheers.
  3. benijofar

    4g router connection problems with IPTV

    Trying to use a 4g TP link router on IOM which will run IPTV on Mag box computer and firestick/smart tv but will not recognise any type of enigma 2 box ? I am guessing there is a switch not set somewhere but buggered if i can find it. It may be that enigma 2 needs an extra driver installed but...
  4. W

    Connection without ethernet

    Hello people, I currently connect my zgemma h2s to a WiFi router via an Ethernet cable (and the magic plug thing as it is in another room). I am shortly losing home broadband and want to get a mifi / home WiFi device with a simple to avoid having a landline and reduce costs further. I am unable...
  5. 8valia

    zgemma cable output F connector

    Hi, I currently have a zgemma Star H2. A mate of mine has bought one but his F connector which he is using for the virmin cable fits in and show's the channels on tv, but the F connector is not tightly screwed in. Mine in tightly fitted, but I cannot see much difference with my F connector and...
  6. T

    Internet keeps disconnecting when boxes are connected to network

    Hope you can help me out here I've got an issue my boxes and everything where working fine recently and my virmin broadband was working perfectly but recently it stopped working. 1 day my boxes and the internet with virmin where working perfectly and after a couple of days my internet went off...
  7. H

    IPTV with VPN on zgemma

    I have VPN on my router that my zgemma connects to, I was wondering if there is a best country to select to get the best out of it in terms of no geoblocking?
  8. D

    Zgemma to Kodi

    Please, please excuse my ignorance!! I've connected my Kodi Box to my Zgemma with success (god knows how) but in the VU+ Configuration it's asking for the name of the TV-Bouquet? Where can I locate this name ? Many Thanks in advance!!
  9. B

    I was looking forward to Zgemma but now I am sad......

    Excited to say the least that my new satellite reciever arrived today! Only 1 problem, 5hrs later still not connected to my network! I have tried using the wizard both ways. I have tried manual configuration in anyway feasible. I have swapped ethernet cables. I have tested ethernet cables. I...