1. W

    Zgemma VPN Problems.

    Hi guys, I have a zgemma h9.2s I’ve hit a brick wall in regards to getting a vpn onto my box. I’m running whooshbuild infinity on there I’ve tried the digibit and xtream editor plugins to use as VPN’s and even tried a openvpn manager but every time my details are entered (I have a digibit &...
  2. R

    Open atv 6.2, VPN plugin, zgemma h2s.

    Hi, can any one tell me how to install the plugin for digibit VPN on the zgemma h2s running openatv 6.2? I have searched in the plugin download menu on my zgemma h2s and the plugin is not in there. Everyone seems to say go to the wooshbuild section in the plugin download menu, but I don't have a...
  3. pupuqiop

    Digibit VPN on Formuler Z7+

    I've recently installed Digibit on my box and thought I'd put a little guide on here in case anyone needs it. I opened an account at https://digibitdesign.com/ If you loiter on the site before signing up it gives you a code so you can get the VPN for £2 a month as opposed to £2.50 They sent a...