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Zgemma VPN Problems.


Hi guys,

I have a zgemma h9.2s I’ve hit a brick wall in regards to getting a vpn onto my box. I’m running whooshbuild infinity on there I’ve tried the digibit and xtream editor plugins to use as VPN’s and even tried a openvpn manager but every time my details are entered (I have a digibit & Nord sub) the screen goes blank and all my streams are lost! I’ve no idea where to go from here if anybody can lend a hand or point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.



I have an H9T also running WB infinity and followed dsayers excellent guide in the below thread and I managed to get mine working and I'm a complete novice. There is an Open VPN script generator about half way down the first post on page 1 which is where I started. I think all that has changed is VPN changer is now VPN manager.

Scripts and Guide for setting up OpenVPN with Most VPN,s on Enigma2

I had to change to google dns as per the guide and the destination for the config files on my HDD was wrong and had to manually change it in VPN Manager settings to /hdd/Digibit. Pretty sure it's all covered in the thread. Might be worth having a quick read over as it might have changed since I followed it.


Thanks for the reply I’ve tried several different ways and had no joy I’ll give this a go now fingers crossed.


Could it be that your provider has blocked vpn usage? As my IPTV has vpn blocked...
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