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Open atv 6.2, VPN plugin, zgemma h2s.


Hi, can any one tell me how to install the plugin for digibit VPN on the zgemma h2s running openatv 6.2? I have searched in the plugin download menu on my zgemma h2s and the plugin is not in there.
Everyone seems to say go to the wooshbuild section in the plugin download menu, but I don't have a wooshbuild section. Any help greatly appreciated.


Is anyone good with installing VPN to a box and make the box boot up. Just installed a VPN and set the thing up. rebooted for the last 15mins and still booting up. any ideas
wooshbuild is installed and the link from woosh the easy install completed no reboot
any ideas


VIP Member
When you restart your box do you see infinity bootscreens
Or when you press green button do you see a plugin called wb config