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  2. L

    Swapping receivers.

    Hi all, I would like to ask a simple question: I have a motorised systen, with a VU+ Zero 4k, and it works quite well. When I replace the receiver with a Zgemma h9.2S, which has exactly the same settings, should it not pick up a signal and work in the same way?
  3. C

    Sky Q on non Sky dish?

    I have an 80cm penta dish at 19.2E and have Sky Q fed from the dish provided by Sky at 28.2E. I wan't to have 13E, 19.2E and 28.2E via fixed LNBs and a motorised dish to move about for other sats (30W, 5W, 0.8W, 9E and others as needed). I don't think adding a 3rd dish for the motorised set-up...
  4. W

    Looking a motorised dish

    hi guys looking at possibly getting a motorised dish. Have a couple of zgemma boxes will i be able to use with this? Basically looking at the process of how it works what control the motor on the dish. Also where i get a sub to cover the multiple satellites. Can i have more thab ine box running...
  5. A

    euro satellite installation...

    Hi all, First post in a while. Just moved house and I previously had a motorised dish installed to get the euro satellites and had a good sweep of most satellites which I was happy with from 5w to 39e. Wanted to use the same guy to install it all but he has given me a quote far exceeding...
  6. Deanavfc

    New dish help

    I have a sky q dish which I'm planning to reuse later for 3 bedroom boxes. I'm struggling to understand what kind of dish I should get for my main box downstairs. If I go with a motorised dish will I be able to get much benefit from it? I'm not really sure what the minimum requirement is for...