New dish help


I have a sky q dish which I'm planning to reuse later for 3 bedroom boxes. I'm struggling to understand what kind of dish I should get for my main box downstairs.

If I go with a motorised dish will I be able to get much benefit from it?

I'm not really sure what the minimum requirement is for a dish. I like the idea of being able to get lots of other channels from different satellites but I'm not even sure what set top box I would need to move the motorised dish.

Can anyone help me with a basic set up for either motorised or fixed dish?
I will be using twin feed if that helps.

Louis Cypher

i live in the midlands, i'm guessing you do too. i have a 1.1m dish, a zgemma h.2s, a 0.1db lnb & superior dark great, but you will need a bit of tech knowledge to get you up & running. also, you'll need a clear line of site to your chosen satellites & this will determine where you place your dish. mine is at the end of the garden on paving.
you can pick alot of this stuff up fairly cheaply on fleabay & even better if you can get hold of the equip. 2nd hand.


I have a 80cm dish with a technomate 5402 box for Euro satellites. Works great, easy to use once the cline adding/patching is sorted - that's a faff.

Luckily from where the dish is at the back of my house I get a clear line of sight with no obstructions so I get a good sweep from 30.0w -


all you need is a BSlyB Octo 8 Way LNB/LMB MK4 Adaptor for Sly + / HD Freesat then you can put all your boxes on one dish