1. M

    Request - OpenVix 5.4 for Edision Os-Mini

    Hi, just wondering if anybody would have a copy of OpenVix 5 (ideally 5.4) for Edision OS-Mini? One of my boxes is stuck in a boot loop and need to re-flash. It's not available on the vix site for some reason. I use client mode for ip distribution in the house so switching to OpenATV isn't an...
  2. oodes087

    MINI Root login for Edision OS mini

    Anyone know the root login password for the Edision OS mini? Tried it blank and also tried 'passwd' but to no avail. osmini login: root Password: Login incorrect osmini login: root Password: Login incorrect
  3. bangord30

    SOLD! - Edision OS MINI 1x DVB-C/T2 + 1x DVB-S/S2 Combo

    Hi All Selling my trusty Edision Combo which is only 10 months old(has a 2yr warranty) which has only been used as a slave receiver in a spare room. It is also perfect for IPTV and will come with IPTVPlayer and SULS. It will also be flashed to latest official OpenVIX. Any questions or...
  4. C

    MEGA Edision Mega satellite cable voltage

    I am a newbie to this forum and satellites. I have installed an Edison OS Mega and placed a satellite finder in-line with it. When the Edision is turned on, the power led on the finder goes on but a few seconds goes out. I'm not sure if this is the expected behaviour and if so how do keep the...