formuler f1

  1. boardtc

    GrogBuild Grogbuild 6.4 update?

    I have Grogbuild 6.4, build# 20220302 on my Formuler F1, last updated via putty. A lot of channels have not worked for months and I only found out that the transponders have changed. The UDPs down in the drop down are out of date now. I updated the TP manually for BBC1 London - 10818 V 23000...
  2. HiTecK

    F1 - Linux STB - User Manual 2018-11-08

  3. H

    Looking for a line

    I've recently upgraded my Amiko Alien 2 to a Formuler F1. I want to get a card sharing subscription for BT Sports. I don't understand the diff between oscam, cccam, cline ...etc etc. But I can FTP them to the Formuler F1 if you can can create and send the files I need. ALso, let me know the...
  4. W

    Any comments/suggestions about the Tiviar Alpha+ box?

    Hi guys, was looking to buy another Formuler F1 box which I also currently have set up for the in-laws as im looking to replace my old h2h box. However It appears as they are no longer being sold. I know have this box on for £99, but has anyone got this box or any experience of using it? Or...
  5. W

    Buzzing/Humming Sound VM

    Hi guys, just setup the Formuler F1 box last night and very pleased with it all after some recommendations on here, however I have noticed there is a humming/buzzing sound coming through the audio when the VM cable is connected which is odd as I have never had this issue with any other box...