1. C

    [SOLVED] Firestick 3rd Gen - Freezing

    I'm trying to isolate the issues I've been having since starting my IPTV journey recently. My hunch is that my Firestick is just underpowered as my network appears to be fine and I can stream UHD channels fine on my iPhone (on the same network). My bind is I don't want to drop the money on a...
  2. P

    Buffering on Firestick.

    I am getting buffering on both my 4k firesticks as part of multiroom setup. My service provider blames the ISP and I have done all the normal things like reboot the router/ firestick etc. I use other devices (laptops , phones) which don't seem to have a problem with the network and would like...
  3. C

    Fire stick problems.

    Hi all past month or more been having constant issues with missing channels sound out of sync freezing, my supplier says there’s issues with everyone and has offered me a backup server for extra cost. I’m not paying cheap as it is so just wanna check in with everyone to see if there are issues...
  4. W


    I have 2 formuler boxes z7+ and z8+ i have both boxes set up with m3u and the login for both my subs. I get a lot of freezing during football on both on mytvonline but they both are fine on smarters any ideas?
  5. W

    WiFi issues help!

    Hi I hope that someone may be able to help. I'm having trouble with my WiFi set up where on any device connected to WiFi freezes, doesn't load images gets stuck etc until a speed test is run, this seems to clear the line and it starts working again for a short while then a speed test is needed...
  6. D

    After Installing Zgemma H5 broadband WiFi playing up & getting freezing & stuttering in Zgemaa

    After Installing Zgemma H5 broadband WiFi playing up & getting freezing & stuttering in Zgemaa. My Virmin cable is coming in the building then getting split to upstairs &' downstairs then in downstairs getting split up into modem & cable box, I wanted to keep my Virmin box working as well as...
  7. M

    need help Zgemma H2S stopped working on crypted channels

    Hello all please help. My provider is useless .. I have a zgemma H2S, I am using Cable Virgin Media. I always had a freeze on some channels. Some wouldnt even work at all. After reading a bit I had the impression the internet line could be the reason. So I have plugged a WIFI dongle and I was...
  8. M

    Channels freezing every 2mins

    Hi, having an issue that seems to come and go when it pleases making it hard to pin down, I will give as much information about my setup and what's happening and would like those in the know to give me some pointers to the most likely culprit. The issue and checks already done: 1) Random freeze...
  9. G

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER freezing on xtrend logo

    Hi there everyone ive just turned my box on (xtrend et8500) and its frozen on the xtrend logo. Ive tried unplugging and turning on to no avail. Can anybody help me with resolving this issue. Thanks Guys.
  10. rapture_ni

    Vm 200mb/s problems

    A friend and myself use subs from the same provider i currently use tlk tk and comes in around 36mb/s.. my friend was using slybb that came in at around 60+mb/s download had slyshield off etc.. both use zgemma h2s set up the same way using same os and build. he had nothing but issues with his...
  11. N

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER BBC1 Buffering / sticking every few minutes

    bbc1 - stops and starts every minute of so... latest build xtrend 8500 50meg connection all other channels sweet
  12. cactikid

    iptv freezing issues poll

    ok i am trying to find out how members are getting on with their iptv service. enigma2 receivers like zgemma,vu,mutant,tm,etc openbox and non e2 mag designed for iptv smart tv android pc laptop firestick other just to add it could be a bad supplier that is causing your issues?
  13. B

    IPTV Freezing and no it's not the sub.

    Hi Guys, Need some help! I have an iptv sub on my zgemma box which I used to use on android. The issue I am having after every 2 minutes the stream freezes. To stop this I have to go to the next channel and go back to the previous channel and it starts working fine. Now it isn't the sub I...
  14. jigger121

    TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS recording problems

    With my technomate, when i am watching recordings back it freezes every minute or so even on freeview channels. My line is near basically perfect and when i am watching the channel while recording it there is no glitches but when watching the recordings it still does. Using a toshiba 1tb...
  15. Hmmz

    UK Gold & Gold +1 Freezing

    Hi, I'm aware of the recent channel blackouts that have effected everyone but has anyone else had trouble with Gold freezing regularly? At first I though it may be a problem with my gift provider but after changing it three times it seems no matter who provides the gift - I always have problems...
  16. Leigh77

    epg url for perfect player??

    hi guys im new to iptv but i got a m3u url which i use on Perfect player on my android player but i cant seem to get the epg working. is there a general url i can use?
  17. M

    Network test for iptv

    I have seen a app on this forum somewhere to test my internet to see if its strong for iptv Its a bit like ookla one but give you a rating My openbox keep freezing I have vodafone 80mbs
  18. T

    extrend et8500 freezing up on some hd channels on cable virgin

    hi i hope someone can help me out im having this issue but it works fine in another room. except when i plug it into my room the box starts freezing on hd channels like movies hd and sports hd. they start playing up. I know theirs nothing wrong with the box and my cable tuner as it works fine in...
  19. L

    Strong Signal But Constant Freezing

    So my signal strength is on 99% so i know its not that. Also i tried a test line from another server and that didn't make any difference either. Just as bad freezing Any suggestions as at a bit of a dead end Gigablue X3 box Latest Vix Mgmand 1.38
  20. Nigel Fotherby

    Zgemma H5 2s Problems

    Hi I am a new user to the cable side, I had an Openbox V8s with just the none HD channels, but wanted HD so got a twin H2s. I have had the box for 3 months and its been perfect, just starting to get some issues that are really bugging me. I stupidly did a built in update, I got told I should...