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extrend et8500 freezing up on some hd channels on cable virgin


hi i hope someone can help me out im having this issue but it works fine in another room. except when i plug it into my room the box starts freezing on hd channels like movies hd and sports hd. they start playing up. I know theirs nothing wrong with the box and my cable tuner as it works fine in another room all channels and hd channels. Also i thought it could be the wiring so i rewired the whole room thinking it could be the cable but its not and checked all the f connectors and put new ones on them and also have put splitter thinking it could be that changed it over and checked all f connectors on them and still its the same. i hope someone can help me out or give me an idea on what could be causing this freezing on my extrend et8500 on virgin. And also my n line is also fine and put in correctly.


TK Veteran
Sounds like your losing signal moving the box to another room.
How long are the cable runs.?
Are you using the correct splitter?
Are you experiencing these problems on FTA channels?