1. P

    Cable tuner as fta

    i was looking into buying a zgemma with 1 sat tuner and 1 cable tuner.Been told a few times that it possible to use some cable tuners with a fta aerial by changing software settings. I was wondering because i wanted to get irish channels on box that arnt available through sat tuner.My main...
  2. J

    Is the H.2S the right box for me?

    All i want to do is record HD FTA programs, possibly 2 at once. Idealy recording from series links so I can set and forget. Would the zgemma H.2S be the best solution for me? I was going to buy a Humax Freesat box but the high cost and the fact Channel 4 HD have fallen off air for freesat...
  3. Halopenos

    Opinion needed

    Hi guys, I’m in Ireland and am setting up my dish to point at ASTRA for English FTA channels and also looking to get a Euro line for European channels and was wondering which second satellite should I set up along with Astra that is good for football and also some entertainment/movies...
  4. lukieno1

    BT Showcase Alternative - Champions League Final

    Evening all I have a mate who's public event coincides with the Champions League Final on 26th May. They'd like to show the game on a big screen. I know BT are showing it FTA on Freeview however the location is in a dip that can only pick up a reduced service transmitter that doesn't show BT...
  5. 0


    Good Afternoon, Has anyone been able to get Picons on both FTA and IPTV Channels? I for whatever reason am only able to get them on one or the other and not both. Can anyone suggest how I can do this? Im using xtream editor currently on wooshbuild. TIA
  6. Cruxy

    Best FTA Satellite Box EPG

    I'm looking to replace my Skybox F5s, which died. I only really need a box for FTA channels and it needs to be as user friendly as possible, so my family can use it without my help. I had AJ's channel list on the F5s and everyone was happy. I initially tried a V9S, only to find that the EPG and...
  7. steoc

    How Does Cable & Satellite Work Nowadays

    Hi. I've been away from the scene for a long time. I was steo2k8 on afterdawn years ago back when we had nagra 2. Good awl days :) Basically I'm miles behind and was just wondering how things work now. Currently I have VM analogue channels and a sky box for FTA. Is that the best I can basically...
  8. dsayers2014

    Sky FTA into Virgin UK CustomMix - NO Longer supported

    Hi im starting to do a Custommix for Virgin Media UK to swap channels with FreeSat This is a VIRGIN MEDIA line-up with all the free channels from sky replacing those on the Virgin Lineup at the moment im not sure of the channels to swap but this CustomMix (Thanks to rossi2000) adds all FreeSat...