Is the H.2S the right box for me?

All i want to do is record HD FTA programs, possibly 2 at once.

Idealy recording from series links so I can set and forget.

Would the zgemma H.2S be the best solution for me?

I was going to buy a Humax Freesat box but the high cost and the fact Channel 4 HD have fallen off air for freesat i've been put off.

thanks for your help.


TK Veteran
H2s will be fine for what you need, plus you always have sat option available, plus IPTV and the IPTV player......just in case you ever want something extra.

But for recording FTA, it will be perfectly fine.


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Getting a bit long in the tooth now
But means it will be cheap

But I don’t think they do a twin dvb-s box anymore by itself

But a good wee box
My dad has had one from they first came out


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Maybe look at the Zgemma Star H5.2S

£10 more on the site sponsor website but it's worth it for the H.265 capabilities if you ever go down the IPTV route. Might also be slightly faster

Smithy Munchy

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Agree with mbath, H5.2S is the better one and still got one myself for the Kids to Watch Both IPTV & Sat Channels, works lovely.
It May be hard to get, but if you can get one 2nd Hand for much less, that be good.
2nd Option would be going for a Zgemma Star H9S 4K Box, but then it is only a single connection for your SAT side..