1. CJ1988

    Glitching Channels.

    hello everyone, does anyone know what causes the ECM to go sky high on certain channels. I can barely watch some channels the ecm jumps to around 4.000 and then starts glitching, it does this every 30 seconds.
  2. W

    Recording issues h5.2tc

    Hi just got my box running vix, box seems to have issues when recording more than one show. Show on my cable tuner was fine but the show on my sat tuner was glitching on playback non stop. Any ideas what could be causing it my sat line and cable lines have been fine for a good few months on my...
  3. T

    extrend et8500 freezing up on some hd channels on cable virgin

    hi i hope someone can help me out im having this issue but it works fine in another room. except when i plug it into my room the box starts freezing on hd channels like movies hd and sports hd. they start playing up. I know theirs nothing wrong with the box and my cable tuner as it works fine in...
  4. S

    Glitching On Free Virgin Channels

    Hi, I currently have Virgin 200mb broadband only with the cable box on the front of the house and a cable going to a back bedroom for the router. I tried to see if I could get any TV channels so I put a splitter on the broadband cable and sent another cable back round to the front of the house...