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  1. mummykay86

    Wanting to make sure before I pay

    Hi everyone. Looking for advice on the apps pre installed on my tv. They are super smart and smartone. Cant sideload to get smarters on it so I was wondering will I be able to use my current sub on these apps or will I need to get a box/firestick to run it? Current sub runs through my...
  2. C

    Video to Text conversion software

    Hi Chaps I have recorded a few videos from work on my mobile which are about an hour long involving lots of talking about technical stuff - then uploaded to my laptop to watch again on VLC player Rather than me sit through and write everything down - is there any recommended software programs...
  3. N

    Zgemma h7s (new box) setup won’t flash from usb

    25 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Hi thanks for the add. ive searched the forum but can’t find any simple instruction the flash and setup the box (probably due to the ago of the box) and was wondering if somebody could help? ive opened openatv and found the downloadable files and copied them...
  4. G

    Need a box like sly+ hd that needs just a coax cable and dish to work as work on a ship is there anything out there

    Need help looking for a box which is similr to sly+ hd which only needs the coax cble and dish to work. I work on ship and was going to take my sly hd with me but i recently changed to sly q.
  5. WombleUK

    ZGemma H9S / Wooshbuild Recording - Please Help!

    Hi, I've recently flashed by zGemma H9S with OpenATV v6.2 and Wooshbuild Infinity. I am using only IPTV via xtream-editor plugin. The installation all went well and everything seems well, until I try to attempt any recording event. I have a USB stick that is initialised and has the movie...
  6. H

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Faulty ET8500 , what should i replace it with ?

    ET8500 came back from a 4 week repair job and is once more faulty. I want to replace it with something else , what would people suggest ? Presently a 4 x satellite tuner receiver , BUT , i could happily live with 2 or 3 sat feeds and a dvb-t.
  7. B

    Wooshbuild 7.0

    as above is it now safe to do the software updates for Wooshbuild 7.0 as I tried it at the start and it blocked my ZEGMMA H.2S so before I do it again I thought I would check any help appreciated
  8. J

    Radio code for Suzuki Liana

    Can any one help me with finding a Radio code for Suzuki Liana? The radio is made by Mitsubishi and the serial number is 43093053
  9. N

    ET9500 HD Xtrend and wooshbuild

    Hi all, I've been going through various pages on here trying to work out if this is plausible? I currently run wooshbuild on My zgemma h2s which tbh I am extremely happy with and wanted to set up My farther-inlaw's but he is running an xtrend et 9200 or et9500 I believe? I have found woosh for...
  10. H

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Channel 501 pixelated/breaking up

    New to linux pvr's , have used a HUMAX box from day one of freesat. ET8500 Quad satellite tuners fed from HUMAX HMS 58 quad input , eight output sat distribution amp. With both satellite systems on , ET8500 , Channel 501 , THE Vault , picture pixelated / choppy , audio choppy Humax FOXSAT...
  11. N

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER BBC1 Buffering / sticking every few minutes

    bbc1 - stops and starts every minute of so... latest build xtrend 8500 50meg connection all other channels sweet
  12. T

    IPTV won't load playlist on my LG tv

    Hi please help I paid a guy to put a playlist on my lg tv, it was working fine but now iptv won't load the channels for me and the guy I paid is nowhere to be found how do I get my playlist to load
  13. U


    I keep getting a dpc watch dog violation now and then, I have tried various method in fixing it like changing the driver to standard etc and do you disk checkup. Any suggestion on what I can do to avoid it.