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iptv alternatives

  1. BoardmanX

    DAZN HD - info & schedule

    Just thought I would make this thread to try to direct all the DAZN HD questions and answers in one place so people can find help easier (as I've had a few inboxes my way because of a resent post) Once you have your DAZN Login you can watch via any of the below devices. DAZN is compatible with...
  2. T

    Best Device For IPTV Where Satellite Dish Can Also Be Used

    Hey guys. After substantial research and speaking to a lot of the pros on here it was advised that at the moment one of the best devices to get IPTV on was the Amazon 4k Firestick. However I completely forgot to mention at the time that I have a satellite dish and also a cable tuner, and...
  3. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!
  4. S

    IPTV supplementing cardsharing

    Is it possible to run both iptv and ordinary cardsharing e.g. mgcamd on the same openvix box. I have a capped internet and would go over my limit if i went full iptv. I would use the IPTV only for the missing channels .e.g sky sports
  5. A

    Alternative to XtreamEditor for IPTV

    Hi, I'm currently using Extreme Editor 2.06 (and previously 2.05) and I've been having issues with alot of the channels pixelating (specially sport and kids programs) and freezing (especially when SkySports News cut to the adverts) so i have to up and down the channels to get it going again...
  6. B

    Good day to you all

    Hi there I'm Christoff. A Viking type biker and music maker based in the Manchester area. I've had a zgemma hs2 for about a year. Had originally a subscription which collapsed as all did around I think it was march/April. I've had an iptv sub for a couple of weeks and then boom the football...