1. 8valia

    epg won't show

    Hi, I currently have open atv with slyk skin of kiddac's. The issue is that the epg won't show unless I go onto a channel and then it loads it up. I've attached an image of what it looks like. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. 8valia

    sly1k skin epg layout

    Hi, I've download openatv and installed it with Kiddac's slyk skin. I'm trying to change the epg layout. The current layout looks like this image attached. I want the layout to be like the layout below with a small screen when I press EPG. I have looked at kiddac's notes on how to change...
  3. Andy Mcd

    Images Andy Mc Open ATV-6.1 2.0

    OpenATV 6.1- Backup image set up for cable H1+H2 Zgemma Models. Fully Updated 22.11.2017 Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio Issue All Software updates completed as of 22/11/2017 Picons Updated Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.006 Kiddacs Slykhd_5.230 +Mods With a modded version of Kiddac's Slyk1-HD 5.230...