Andy Mc Open ATV-6.1

Andy Mc Open ATV-6.1 2.0

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OpenATV 6.1- Backup image set up for cable
H1+H2 Zgemma Models.

Fully Updated 22.11.2017
Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio Issue
All Software updates completed as of 22/11/2017
Picons Updated
Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.006
Kiddacs Slykhd_5.230 +Mods

With a modded version of Kiddac's Slyk1-HD 5.230 skin with all mods and scripts activated and Grog68's Movie Organisor.
Scripts built in to backup autotimers and to delete unwanted skins and plugins.

The skin is a modded version of Kiddac’s Slyk1-HD 5.230 with all the latest mods already done.

Picon in InfoBar
Yellow timeline and EPG line
Yellow progress bars
EPG now, next & later
Record button mod
Toppicks V2 mod
Sky Icons mod
24 hour clock
EPG Record Series mod

Autotimers backed up to HDD at midnight each night.

Included Kiddacs Vskin HD.
Iptv Player.
Xtream Tv (For IPTV )
Full Virgin Picon pack that should be added to your Media/HDD

Thanks to Willo Kiddac Grog for there skins and applications.
Check them out.


Open ATV-6.1 BaseBuild (22/11/2017)
Movieorganisor 2.08
SLYK1HD 5.230
VSKIN-HD 2.006
Software Updates 22/11/2017

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Andy Mcd
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4.77 star(s) 22 ratings

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  1. Fully Updated

    Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio Issue All Software updates completed as of 22/11/2017 Picons...

Latest reviews

thank you sir
Looks great but no channels clearing. Net I'd is good. Scanned in bam and reboot but nothing.
Great many thanks
very good jobs
Excellent work especially for those with our trusty older boxes top notch
updated and working great, just one question, where do you put the picons? cheers
Great build. I just want the iptv player to work for it to be a complete success. I started a thread in the zgemma h2 section if anyone has any info.
great work
Hi m8 sorry to be a pain but I'm not getting any sound is there an option I'm missing?
Andy Mcd
Andy Mcd
I can only imagine you would need to go through your tv settings etc as have just flashed the build and added line and sound is fine
Why is the reboot getting stuck in a loop?