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epg won't show



I currently have open atv with slyk skin of kiddac's. The issue is that the epg won't show unless I go onto a channel and then it loads it up. I've attached an image of what it looks like. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • IMG_5001.JPG
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TK Veteran
Firstly go to menu/setup/epg/settings and chhose where to save your epg preferably your usb/hdd . Have you downloaded epg importer from plugins yet ? If not you need to and then open it, set up how often to run and time to run it then green to save. open it again then press blue for sources scroll through till you find the sky/virgin section click on it then tick the 6 or so boxes and save. finally with epg importer open press yellow to run a scan should take 5 minutes or so, once complete your epg should be sorted though occasionaly I have had to reboot