1. C

    Sky Q on non Sky dish?

    I have an 80cm penta dish at 19.2E and have Sky Q fed from the dish provided by Sky at 28.2E. I wan't to have 13E, 19.2E and 28.2E via fixed LNBs and a motorised dish to move about for other sats (30W, 5W, 0.8W, 9E and others as needed). I don't think adding a 3rd dish for the motorised set-up...
  2. B

    Motorised Dish not moving via remote

    Hey guys, Have had a motorised setup for years but only recently has this problem started. My motor is not moving via the remote control like it always has done. Have seen the motor and the green light is visible. As well as this, I have reset the motor and moved it to 0w. So the motor being...
  3. Willo3092

    Setup with unicable feed + standard diseqc feed