1. M

    Iptv boxing

    Hi guys, I’m a complete newbie to the iptv system going around tbese days. Can anyone please direct me on to what would be the best box to purchase? I’ve heard about mag boxes and firesticks. Just really need it for the boxing ppv like sly bo or itv. No recording or anything like that. Thank...
  2. F

    IPTV cuts off every morning

    Box: Mag 256 W2 Internet: Virgin 150MB Powerline Adapter: TP Link Hi Guys I've read a lot of fixes from you guys to try and resolve this issue i'm having but haven't found one which has worked as yet. So i thought i would join and ask since i'm not sure anyone else would be able to help...
  3. criostoir

    No sound on STB Emulator

    Hi I have installed STB Emulator on a Fire Stick. It works well on the majority of channels on my sub but for some it only plays the picture, no sound. The streams work properly when played in MX Player externally, but it's a bit of a pain in the arse returning to STB Emulator from MX Player...
  4. S

    Zgemma or mag box in cyprus

    Good afternoon everyone, This might not be the right place to put this message and if it isnt then im sorry, my parents live in Cyprus and i would love to give them a box for them to get all the channels of uk but not sure where to start, i no that virgin or sky wouldnt work over there. But was...
  5. A

    IPTV guide

    Hi please see below my guide to iptv may be of use to those looking for an alternative with channels going dark on enogma.
  6. I


    Hi All I plan to jump on the IPTV wagon after the stuff sky doing so one question What box should i get? the question below might help you advise me I need subtitle as im total deaf. Can i put IPTV on these boxes and have Subtitles. I tried the samsung smart TV app and subtitles do no work. Use...
  7. Jameswefc

    Advice on what iptv to buy for mag 254

    just looking on which iptv service I should buy. I'm after one with video club catch up etc... like blade box iptv. Would anyone reccomend anyone who does a good service ?
  8. Leigh77

    Parental locking adult section

    Hi guys, I have purchased a mag 254 and got a good iptv sub but the adult section is listed in the sections and I have little ones wanting to watch tv. Can i put a lock on the adult section?
  9. Deanavfc

    New to iptv

    If I buy a mag 256 box, what do I need to do to get channels on there? How do I get a subscription?