mg_cfg file

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    Zgemma H2H Issues

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I know this has been asked a million times but after hours of searching through forums I am giving up and asking the question. So I was having issues with my image (no pause or record function) so decided to flash to a new image (Open PLi 7.2) apart...
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    Zgemma Star 2S Newcamd.list file missing on Wooshbuild Install

    I am a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance. My provider had me mucking about a bit and so I decide to install a new build to see if my freezing issues got sorted. I tried to FTP in to back up my files, but none of the default settings worked. I finally gave up and noted down the CWS lines...
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    Mg_cfg file 2017-03-05

    Mg_cfg file to go with your newcamd.list file For satellite and cable This will run your CWS = line in mgcamd 1.38 This version has been also configured to run a C and a N line together in mgcamd. Place your C line on a cccamd.list under your newcamd.list file along with the mg_cfg file...