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mgcamd 1.38

  1. C

    WooshBuild Dual CAM issue

    Hi I have Wooshbuild running on a VU+ Duo2 with a CWS line for Vermin and a Cline for Sly (basically Racing TV only). I have setup two softcams. Cam 1 = mgcamd 1.38r1 for Vermin on a test line and Cam 2 = CCcam 2.32 for Sly. For some reason there appears to be an issue with both CAMS being...
  2. D


    Hi there I wonder if anyone can help. My mgcamd_1.38rl is not seeing the line. Now I have a box downstairs from the same provider so I know it’s not that. That box works fine. My box is seeing the internet and I can play from the play series so I know the net works. Also LAN green light is on...
  3. C

    Zgemma setup help

    Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my box. After having the audio desription issue and reading online the only cure seemed to be flashing a new image to the box. Ive just finished flashing my zgemma h.2h with the latest openvix image and had to set the box up again which I think I've...
  4. Batley boy

    Cable Zgemma H2H Satellite Receiver

    Hi There, I wonder if somebody can really help me, I am very new to IPTV so don't really know what am doing. I have just purchased an Zgemma H2H receiver box, I am trying to install MGcam files 1.38, my instructions says to go to:- MENU - PLUGINS - SOFTCAMS. but I don't have the option of...
  5. CJ1988


    Hello everyone i've just a done a image flash on my box, but when i try and download mgcamd 1.38 it says failed to download enigma2 plugin, perhaps you need to run opkg update. Can i use mgcamd 1.35 instead of 1.38. thanks.
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  12. B

    Zgemma Star 2S Newcamd.list file missing on Wooshbuild Install

    I am a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance. My provider had me mucking about a bit and so I decide to install a new build to see if my freezing issues got sorted. I tried to FTP in to back up my files, but none of the default settings worked. I finally gave up and noted down the CWS lines...
  13. L

    Strong Signal But Constant Freezing

    So my signal strength is on 99% so i know its not that. Also i tried a test line from another server and that didn't make any difference either. Just as bad freezing Any suggestions as at a bit of a dead end Gigablue X3 box Latest Vix Mgmand 1.38
  14. dangerous

    OpenATV Softcam Feed Universal_2.0_all_(2017) 2017-09-17

    Installing the softcam menu FTP to temp folder, then install local extension Menu>setup>software management>install local extension>Memory/temp>the file your trying to install should be there, make sure you tick the box and install it.