missing channels

  1. thebulls

    missing sports channels after reflashing zgemma h2h

    Hi I have had to reflash my zgemma h2h and have lost all of sly sports channels any help would be great running the latest open vix
  2. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Colors HD Missing!

    Hi guys, So yesterday, my new Zgemma H5.2TC arrived and I excitingly unplugged my old Open Box V5s which was running for years and switched it with the new box. I set it all up, with both cable and satellite and had the help of a splitter to connect to router. Flashed the box with IPAB, got a...
  3. grog68

    HD channels OK but few SD just blank.

    OK this is an interesting one, a friend with a h5.2tc set up as cable only is getting everything but about a dozen SD channels, they're just blank, they are getting the HD versions ok, a couple of the missing channels are +1 so don't have HD equivalent. They are using a labgear splitter from...
  4. S

    Openbox V8 problems

    I've had the openbox v8 for a while now. I had no problems with any of the channels. Till recently, a few channels went missing like sky Atlantic and other channels. They are just blank when I switch to them. These channels have been missing for a few months. A few days ago all my sky channels...