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Hi guys,

So yesterday, my new Zgemma H5.2TC arrived and I excitingly unplugged my old Open Box V5s which was running for years and switched it with the new box. I set it all up, with both cable and satellite and had the help of a splitter to connect to router. Flashed the box with IPAB, got a 12 month sub of Sly and VM.

Encountered a few issues regarding the Net ID, as in the providers section, I couldn't find my area or some areas near me (my area is west bromwich, wasn't there though so used birmingham but that didn't work!). So, I used Wolverhampton which is about 30-50 mins away from me, and channels worked fine. Also manually added to tuner config too.

Anyway, Sky channels weren't working before due to the signal being low, but now all of a sudden work fine. There's a few channels missing however - I say a few but so far I only see one that I've noticed - in particular COLORS HD in the Sly list.

Colors is there (SD version), but not the HD version. It should be there as I saw it before when first loaded the box. Plus, I know it's not taken down as I was literally watching it on my Open Box V5s few days ago fine.

Can someone help find that channel, I went on the International bouquets and not there, even went to the HD channels folder and no luck...



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Whilst you're on the SD version, press the down arrow on the remote then press the RED button on remote which should be the option for "All" then you'll have other choices for this channel and one of them should be the HD version hopefully.


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Answered elsewhere lol

Another option is to scan sky uk your area HD then you will have all the HD channels then youll be able to see if it clears


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Ok I have checked and Colors HD doesn't seem to be working on sat anymore unless someone else can get it working.


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I don't use ipab so I'm not sure on regional setup. Go through the area's closest to yours

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