need help

  1. allrounder55

    Bad problem with Acer Aspire V5 wont boot from usb stick in UEFI mode

    This is driving me mad. Ive tried everything theres no dvd drive as its a netbook. It will not boot from a usb drive in uefi mode. The screen scrambles when the stick put in a usb port. Or it just stays on the acer logo. Things ive done already: Used Rufus created in fat32 and ntfs under gpt...
  2. gigsta


    Hi all looking for a reasonable priced (£100) 4 channel dvr recorder only,analog and hd with 1tb hardrive for my 2 cameras need motion detection phone viewing also.Could somebody please point me in the right direction make model etc must be reliable thanks in advance for any info.
  3. H

    IPTV Catch up

    HI does anyone know where I could get a sub for a good IPTV that has Catch up for a mag box my mate has a mag box with 14 day catch up but he bought it all set up from e-bay and the seller is no longer on the site so I can't get a sub from him. Thanks.
  4. celticfc

    zgemma and internet probs

    hi , i have zgemma 2s on latest wooshbuild build my prob is every night about 10 pm my modem keeps dropping out, i contacted plusnet who say my prob. is internal and my modem is out of sync. every time i reboot box and modem it works for couple min. then drops. i do a network scan on box and it...
  5. K

    zgemma h2s

    hi, I am a newby to this, could really do with some help, when I turn on my box red light comes on & starts to boot, it gets to -47- then stalls, then goes to -49- then after 5 seconds goes off to red light. I have tried to go to wooshbuild to download new install, then am told to go to...