hi, I am a newby to this, could really do with some help,
when I turn on my box red light comes on & starts to boot, it gets to -47- then stalls, then goes to -49- then after 5 seconds goes off to red light. I have tried to go to wooshbuild to download new install, then am told to go to techkings, when I get there & click on download it says, download from external site, click that, it then takes me back to wooshbuild, just going round in circles. what am I doing wrong, please help.


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It's because you're new and haven't introduced yourself in the new member thread. But, now you've made a post you'll be able to access the downloads section now,or very soon, so try it again!


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Post in the new member thread in the General forum. I think, though not absolutely sure, it's so your ISP can be verified and you're not a bot!


If you are having a problem accessing the Wooshbuild downloads and are being referred back to Techkings, when you go to the Wooshbuild V5 link try either right clicking on the Download Now button, or if you are using touch screen access touch and hold, and select "open in a new tab".

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Thanx for the reply, I have now managed to download base build,to my amazement my box flashed and is working now.
I just need to get a line and load it, hopefully it will be ok.