1. Jenson_Button

    SS Sports HD Only

    This Thread is for SS Sports HD Only, if any other channel doesn’t work do not reply to this thread. Channels affected: SkySports Main Event HD SkySports PL HD SkySports Football HD SkySports Cricket HD SkySports Golf HD SkySports F1 HD SkySports Action HD SkySports Arena HD Have you done...
  2. grog68

    NetID Map - your info needed

    Hi I have created a Net ID map at on which I have added the NetID's I have found on lists or from a box. What I would like to do is fill in gaps as much as possible and this is where I could do with info from you. IE In Milton Keynes, do they use the NetID for...
  3. F

    VM - No existing Hardware so No NETID?

    Hi All As the my Zgemma H2s slowly fades to black I will be buying a H5.2TC form the Zgemma site. I have VM BB and can split the cable and do the flashing no problem, this issue is I have not had a VM TV service for years so not able to provide a NETID.. No neighbours to ask either.. My in...
  4. B

    Halifax net id

    So i orders the edison mini dvb c to switch from my openbox v8s. Going to come flashed with openvix or something. Trying to grind how to setup before it comes to make this easy I have been through a list net ids halifax is not listed but west Yorkshire and huddersfield are do i need to use...
  5. D

    Channels not working.

    Hi all. I have an Edision Os Mini, I've been using this guide to set the box up for cable (the box only does cable..not Sly), theres a few settings which don't make it clear (for me anyways), like where...