new install

  1. cactikid

    New install on another laptop

    Having got another one and not touched yet would there be a reset point set or best to make up a bootable cd if it ever had issues? Cheers.
  2. L

    PC Build

    Hi there i am buying a ryzen board for 150 with the water cooler aswell the thing is i want it to be a project so will be upgrading as and when i can. heres the thing i have never had or used a water cooling system so few things Are they worth it Are they easy or hard to get right Do you need...
  3. S

    New Star 2s user Setup help required.

    My daughter had a second hand Manhattan box and lost all channels after strong winds several months ago. Knowing nothing about Satellite, (I'm a cable user myself) I thought the receiver may have died, so ordered her a new Star 2s and at the same time realigned the dish using a sat meter. I'm...