New Star 2s user Setup help required.


My daughter had a second hand Manhattan box and lost all channels after strong winds several months ago. Knowing nothing about Satellite, (I'm a cable user myself) I thought the receiver may have died, so ordered her a new Star 2s and at the same time realigned the dish using a sat meter.
I'm able to get all free sat channels using the old box and Signal strength is 100%. However, having tried an Autoscan on the star 2s, it finds over 900 channels, but won't let me view any from the EPG. No setup instructions came with the box, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When booted for the first time, the box said 'No service installed'. Having read a few threads about Autobouquets and EPG setup, I'm starting to realise there's more to setting up this box than I first thought. Does it need flashing before I can get any channels? Does it need Internet access before I can get channels? I haven't set this up yet as I've yet to get a wifi dongle for it.
Some pointers as to how to get started with it would be a great help. UK, freesat dish.


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I notice you've already opened a newbie thread in this section so I think you've posted in this section by mistake - not to worry, i've reported the thread an hopefully a member of the team will move it for you :)

When you buy a new receiver, it comes with a raw firmware so you can either set it all up yourself or flash another firmware onto it which has most things already set up on it... you would still need to purchase / add a cs line onto the box to clear the remaining available S*y channels if that's what you wanted to do... fyi S*y changed encryption methods on a bunch of channels earlier this year and since then, a large proportion of channels can no longer be received like S*y Sports, Disney channels, S*y 1, S*y 2, Atlantic and more but BT Sports ones still available, a good selection of kids ones and music.

If you peruse the forums, you'll find setup guides for your receiver :)