1. N

    Help please - Zgemma H11S Satellite TV Receiver

    Hello, completely new to this. I am cancelling my Sky sub. I have a Sky Q box at present and Sky Q dish, I have Vodafone internet and get download speeds on average of 450MBS. I want to get a Zgemma box and have access to all the channels, 3 o clock kick offs movies and box office channels. How...
  2. S

    Wooshbuild/ATV - catch up TV

    Hello, Is it possible to get catch up TV to view recently aired programmes on BBC, ITV, Discovery, etc., similar to Sly? There is a search option I found but it only searches the current EPG and doesn't allow to view recently aired programmes. Is this possible, or is there a way I can install...
  3. S

    Newbie with mutanthd51

    Hi guys I really need some help please. I'm a newbie and am looking at the mutanthd51 as it seems that comes recommended and meets my requirements with regards sat input and IPTV. I've been trying to look for a beginners guide on how to get it all set up but either I can't find one out there...
  4. JacobusH

    Introduction/Need a bit of help

    Hi all, I'm pretty much a newbie to this. I might be posting this in the wrong place but I will give a little background to what I have experienced. I bought a Miraclebox Premium Micro box about 2 years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to satellite tv through a ccam line. When Sky began to...
  5. M

    Iptv boxing

    Hi guys, I’m a complete newbie to the iptv system going around tbese days. Can anyone please direct me on to what would be the best box to purchase? I’ve heard about mag boxes and firesticks. Just really need it for the boxing ppv like sly bo or itv. No recording or anything like that. Thank...
  6. G

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER freezing on xtrend logo

    Hi there everyone ive just turned my box on (xtrend et8500) and its frozen on the xtrend logo. Ive tried unplugging and turning on to no avail. Can anybody help me with resolving this issue. Thanks Guys.
  7. C

    Zgemma - How to guide?

    Hi, I've using Kodi for a while now and ready to upgrade to a Zgemma box (satellite). Is there a 'how to guide' and best practice ce installation/what to do that someone can point me too please? I'm going to buy the box direct from the the zgemma site and need to know what next steps to...
  8. B

    Halifax net id

    So i orders the edison mini dvb c to switch from my openbox v8s. Going to come flashed with openvix or something. Trying to grind how to setup before it comes to make this easy I have been through a list net ids halifax is not listed but west Yorkshire and huddersfield are do i need to use...
  9. R

    New Vu+ Uno 4k user, please help!

    Hi, Ive just set up my new Uno 4k box, however its a cable tuner and ive had Sat tuners for years. After struggling with getting my head round Oscam, ive got one more issue with not getting all the channels scanned (mainly Sd, some Hd) saying tune failed. Could anyone suggest what i could of...
  10. S

    Iptv Zgemma info/advice

    Hi Guys, After some info/advice, before i begin sorry for stupid obvious questions due to bein a newbie to iptv! Currently I've got a zgemma 2s, so with everything thats goin on at the moment I'm looking ahead, incase things don't get resolved or get worse. So I'm looking at possibly goin down...
  11. D

    what box please cheaply

    Hi guys. so ive switched from openbox and have a decent iptv stream to my laptop which I'm happy with now. What is the cheapest way to get it onto my tv as I don't have a smart tv?. Is there anything I can get cheap from currys or argos that I can just put the web link in?? Sorry for dumb...
  12. J

    Zgemma lc star wooshbuild?

    Hi All I'm a newbie with little experience with this sort of thing and I've just brought a zgemma lc star cable box, is there a wooshbuild for this box? If not what build would you recommend for easy setup. Regards Jimes
  13. R

    IPTV on Apple TV?

    Hi, I'm new to IPTV and just wondering if you can use Apple TV 4th gen for IPTV Cheers
  14. P

    ET 8000 HD ET-8000 - cable set up

    Hi guys, I am waiting for cable to be installed at our house and am checking what I need! I have an ET8000 with 1 DVB-S tuner currently with sly line. What do i need to be able to get cable up and running? I got an Xtrend DVB-C/T2 Plug and Play tuner for ET8000 and ET10000 from W-O-S in the sale...
  15. N

    Anyone here fluent in Kodi when installing SportsMania?

    It's driving me nuts trying to get Ultimate Mania installed on my Fire TV Box. Installed Kodi 17.1, got the repo from SportsMania, unzipped and updated, go into their repo folder, find SportsMania, Sports Nation HD and UltimateMania all there but if I click on any and press 'install' nothing...