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Newbie with mutanthd51


Hi guys

I really need some help please. I'm a newbie and am looking at the mutanthd51 as it seems that comes recommended and meets my requirements with regards sat input and IPTV.

I've been trying to look for a beginners guide on how to get it all set up but either I can't find one out there that's in laymans terms or what is out there requires a level of understanding that is far higher that what I have in which case I get lost at point 1!

For example some things out there say to back up the build/lines on USB before doing anything else etc etc but I have no idea why or how to do this!

I know people will say there's plenty out there and I'm sure there is but I really can't find it in spite of looking so just wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction of a link which contains a guide that is simple to follow for a newbie on how to get things up and running on this box please. If it helps then I'm looking to get this with either OpenViX or OpenATV preloaded but where I go from there I am at a loss.

Please help and point me in the right direction!

Many thanks for your help!
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Hi mate thanks for your reply.

Yes I've had a look at that forum and gone through all the pages but still doesn't seem to be a guide on how to get up and running in beginners terms, all the posts seem to be waaaaay too technical for me to understand!


I would start by installing Wooshbuild Infinity (do a search) as this gives full details on what to do. Later when you have a better understanding, maybe try with your own image


Thank you for that. I have seen the wooshbuild page you mention and will look to try that out.

Thanks again for your help.