openatv 6.2

  1. ramooz

    Xtreme editor erratic after upgrade

    After Upgraded zgemma h2h to OpenATV 6.2, whoosh build infinity together with XE 3.0.6, XE started to generate new QR code every time I reload the app, tried reboot, reflash numerous times, still no joy ! Before upgrade IPTV was perfect; any suggestions would be much appreciated
  2. caruthers

    H92S - Lost AC3 downmix after ATV6.2 software update

    Hi All Strange issue here with my new Zgemma H92S. Its been running ATV6.2 build 2019-02-26 with Whooshbuild for a few weeks with no problems. I have AC3 and DTS downmix enabled as my box connects directly to my TV via HDMI with no AV receiver inbetween. Yesterday I decided to check for...
  3. O

    Necessary Plugins to be downloaded ?

    Hello guys, What are the most used plugins that should be downloaded and installed on Zgemma H9S image OpenATV 6.2 for picons, skins, epg.... Note: The box will mostly uses Youtube, CCCAM/OSCAM, and IPTV. Regards,
  4. J

    BOX BOOT ISSUE / Flash Memory 256MB Issue

    Hi There anyone help me out ? > - do anyone have a command to wipe flash memory on a zgemma box - thank you or if you know the problem can you help me out i get wooshbuild up and running just fine then i install XTREAM EDITOR Or any Other plugin And Restart Box And It Gets Stuck On The boot...
  5. T

    TM Twin 4K - Image Suggestions Please

    hi all I have the Technomate TM Twin 4K box and am looking for suggestions for the best image that will allow recording of IP streams to the internal hard drive. Can anyone recommend an image? I’ve tried OpenATV but it freezes an awful lot and I just wondered if there was something better to...
  6. Willo3092

    OpenATV 6.2

    Anyone tried this yet? Only for ARM receivers at the moment and unstable beta.