1. Yorkshirejok

    GrogBuild Openatv 6.4 v 7

    Hi, Does anyone know of a guide or website which explains the differences, benefits and negative (if any) between Openatv 6 and 7? Many thanks
  2. S

    WooshBuild Install openatv 6.4

    I'm in the process of installing openatv 6.4 onto my zgemma h9.2s and have been running 6.2 for quite a while but need to update. I have installed 6.4 onto my USB but am unable to install it onto the actual zgemma box as I'm currently running wooshbuild infinity on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. S

    Openatv 6.4 install from scratch?

    I'm currently running openatv 6.2 on a zgemma h9.2s and can't use E2i player and need to update to 6.4. On the box it seems I can only get 6.3 and when trying to download it I get an error saying "image to install is invalid". Any help would be appreciated.
  4. N

    Zgemma h7s (new box) setup won’t flash from usb

    25 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Hi thanks for the add. ive searched the forum but can’t find any simple instruction the flash and setup the box (probably due to the ago of the box) and was wondering if somebody could help? ive opened openatv and found the downloadable files and copied them...