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oscam set up guide

  1. N

    Cccam and oscam 11517 or 11518 on linux

    Hi looking for help set up oscam annd cccam on a ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit headless Omnikey Pcsc. Help and fully working would be rewarded. Thanks.
  2. pabloescaban

    CCcam to oscam converter 1.2

    unzip the file, open the programme paste your line in, click convert to oscam, save as oscam.server ftp the server file to your device you can add as many lines as you like this is not my work, use it at your own risk!!
  3. BeardedKing

    OScam help

    Hey all, I have a new box (Mutant HD51) and I need help setting up OScam as this box only supports this cam. Could someone help me with what files I need to load onto t
  4. MAD DOG 81

    hiya using a zgemma h2h and h2s site has been great for info so far but still need help

    hi im using a zgemma h2h and cant get a picture on virmin tried loads of images n builds n no joy but could be down to not using 2 cams and cant get much sly channels as in movies or sports except ssp 2 n 5 n ssp 5 roi would be great if someone could tell me how to setup oscam too and my live...
  5. geoffsnook

    Tuner set up

    Hi could some one let me know what the correct setup for twin tuners i assume its simple tuner for both and what they should be for preferred tuners its an enigma2 venton unibox thanks
  6. dangerous

    Oscam for ATV

    With all the newer receivers now only taking oscam and the shenanigans lately with audio issues / mgcamd I thought I would bring this thread back to life. I can't take the credit for this guide as gmangt4 is the original author but I've just updated it. If you require a softcam feed ipk file...