1. adriankavanagh

    Zgemma H9S SE - ftp access and OpenVPN setup

    Hello all I've been getting the new H9S SE and having trouble setting up the vpn. I have been given a .ovpn file from my service provider. Anyone know what I need to do with it? I'm guessing I have to drop it into the etc/openvpn folder although I can't access the box with any ftp client as it...
  2. L

    get access to iphone

    Hi Not been around for a very long time, but need some help and advice. My friend recently lost her husband suddenly. He has an iPhone and iPad ( which apparently are linked.) The problem is she has no idea what his password is on the iPhone or his apple ID, but needs to get hold of all the...
  3. E

    Limiting time on internet

    Besides changing the password, is there a way to limit my child's time on the internet using some settings on my router? I have a Vodafone Ireland router.
  4. Blizzard17

    WooshBuild E-Channelizer - Wooshbuild

    Hello After rebooting/installing Whooshbuild from scratch today (all latest updates) Im in need of some help, when running the e-channelizer software and trying to connect/read to the ZgemmaH2S box, i get a message come up saying the follwoing (see image) I have not seen this before and have...
  5. W

    Please suggest a Windows password recovery software

    Lost the password on one of my old laptops. Try to reset the password with an USB disk but it only works on the computer which the password reset disk was made. It is Dell XPS 13, Windows 10
  6. celldweller

    VU+ Solo 2 authentication

    Hi all, I downloaded an app called dreamplayer but it is asking me to confirm username and password for authentication. Problem is I do not know what the password is. Is there any way I can reset the password?
  7. P


    Desperate for some help here, I have a toshiba satellite c50d-B-120, and I cannot get past the hdd password. I have been through all the posts on here and just about everywhere else on the net, and cannot find the answer. I followed all instructions to pipe the supervisor password and such, but...
  8. Batley boy

    Zgemm H.2H,Password Protection

    Hi there, Now I have used the service for a week or so, I have noticed the Adult channels are very easy accessible and with young children about this could be very dangerous,can anybody advise me if it is possible to put some sort of a lock onto the Adult channel part of the list please...