1. S


    I tried to go back from Windows 11 to 10, put my bitlocker code in but keeps saying automatic repair failed, and computer did not start property. Any ideas. TIA
  2. A

    WooshBuild Blue Screen of Death

    Hi, installed the latest Open ATV along with Whooshbuild Infifnity v10.0000, WB Config v3.201. I keep getting the subject when I try to 'Flasha fresh OpenATV . Im sure it is not just there but get it consistently when I try this. Any suggestions please??
  3. Speedygonzal

    Common Cure Suggestion for Frozen Enigma2 User Interface

    Unfortunately, none of our E2 linux boxes are 100% stable all the time. For a variety of reasons, they can freeze - which means whichever and however many buttons on the remote you press nothing happens. As a last resort, I used to reach for the power switch/plug. Unfortunately, what I have...
  4. jolly3434

    Windows 10 how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive

    how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive anyone know how or what i need to do to stop this happening? its happen twice in a month, couldnt get win10 to boot just kept relooping saying win10 had a problem and had to shut down. after searching how to try and get win10 to boot i...
  5. Q

    Flashing to Mutant HD51

    just recieved my mutant HD51 , had openvix on it from WOS but wanted to flash an image to it that had oscam pre installed formatted usb stick , extracted said image , copied the folder HD51 to usb drive , inserted into box , rebooted whilst holding the button, flashing appeared , after a few...