1. S

    Octagon sf8008 on Open Atv 7.3 will not reboot without turning off and on.

    Brand new SF8008 4k, flashed with latest 7.3 Open to the end of the online flash then said rebooting in 3 seconds. It did not... so I had to turn off and on at the power switch. Now when I try to reboot with the remote it does not. I have to turn off at the back power switch. I tried...
  2. S


    I tried to go back from Windows 11 to 10, put my bitlocker code in but keeps saying automatic repair failed, and computer did not start property. Any ideas. TIA
  3. A

    WooshBuild Blue Screen of Death

    Hi, installed the latest Open ATV along with Whooshbuild Infifnity v10.0000, WB Config v3.201. I keep getting the subject when I try to 'Flasha fresh OpenATV . Im sure it is not just there but get it consistently when I try this. Any suggestions please??
  4. Speedygonzal

    Common Cure Suggestion for Frozen Enigma2 User Interface

    Unfortunately, none of our E2 linux boxes are 100% stable all the time. For a variety of reasons, they can freeze - which means whichever and however many buttons on the remote you press nothing happens. As a last resort, I used to reach for the power switch/plug. Unfortunately, what I have...
  5. jolly3434

    Windows 10 how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive

    how to fix win10 blue screen error unbootable drive anyone know how or what i need to do to stop this happening? its happen twice in a month, couldnt get win10 to boot just kept relooping saying win10 had a problem and had to shut down. after searching how to try and get win10 to boot i...
  6. Q

    Flashing to Mutant HD51

    just recieved my mutant HD51 , had openvix on it from WOS but wanted to flash an image to it that had oscam pre installed formatted usb stick , extracted said image , copied the folder HD51 to usb drive , inserted into box , rebooted whilst holding the button, flashing appeared , after a few...