satellite box

  1. S

    Glitch on GT Media Box V7HD DVB S2 S2X Satellite Receiver 1080P

    Hi, I just bought a GT Media V7HD box and have an account which uses NewCam. Intermittently, I noticed some glitch and I guess it is when the box fetch the ecm to decode the channels. Is there some settings I can change in order to have a more smooth experience when watching the channels on the...
  2. tipunch47

    Zgemma H9S SE freeze and resume

    HI Everyone, I have a retailer-installed ZGEMMA H9S SE which receives satellite channels (Astra 1) and IPTV streams. The retailer probably did an automatic (copy/paste from USB key) installation and cannot/will not rovide detailed assistance. I have the following issue: the setbox works very...
  3. J

    What is the best Enigma 2 box

    Looking for a new Enigma 2 box which is capable of running IPTV/ Normal satellite will probably install wooshbuild. looking to be able to record a satelite channel whilst watching another i currently have the zegemma h2s but its really slow now so looking for an upgrade. Would really...
  4. stonopoly

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma running Latest Wooshbuild

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma H2.S running Latest Wooshbuild Anyone know if this plugin still works? I am unable to find it in the list of downloadable plugins. I have tried to install it manually through FTP, but i am not 100% sure how to do this? Obviously if the plugin no longer works this would...
  5. B

    Motorised Dish not moving via remote

    Hey guys, Have had a motorised setup for years but only recently has this problem started. My motor is not moving via the remote control like it always has done. Have seen the motor and the green light is visible. As well as this, I have reset the motor and moved it to 0w. So the motor being...
  6. Cruxy

    Best FTA Satellite Box EPG

    I'm looking to replace my Skybox F5s, which died. I only really need a box for FTA channels and it needs to be as user friendly as possible, so my family can use it without my help. I had AJ's channel list on the F5s and everyone was happy. I initially tried a V9S, only to find that the EPG and...
  7. S

    Best Box advice please!!

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new satellite receiver. It's been a long time since I bought my old VU+'s been great...but surely there must be something faster / better out there by now? Or should I just keep updating the image? (trying opendroid at the moment and seems nice) I need at least...