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  1. W

    Newbie, saying hello

    Hi All Really glad i found your forum as it does look like the place to be and all seem so helpful and friendly, even to newbie members. So, I used to live with my wife and 4 children in Germany for many years. I met my wife whilst I was serving in the forces. We used to have a satellite...
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    This is what my channels look like
  3. 8valia

    zgemma h5.2tc dvb-c hybrid tuner

    Hi, I have a Zgemma H5.2TC box. I have a single vermin line running on the box. I have enabled both tuners so that I can record on one and watch on another, but just from one line. For some reason glitches a lot on the international channels when both channels are enabled. Do you think it's...
  4. H

    Net ID on ipab

    I live in Leyland which has a net id of 41000 but when I'm setting up ipab in the advanced provider settings menu the Virgin (UK) Region has a list I can scroll through but Leyland 41000 isn't on the list. The nearest is 40968 Preston 2. I've already tried choosing the Preston net id but I...
  5. J

    Scrambled channel sky sports news

    Hi all, I have scrambled channel on sky sports news & a few other channels but i have subscription until june. What could be the problem? Do i need to update my channel list? Any thoughts would be appreciated :)
  6. T

    one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.

    Hi, I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug. They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch...
  7. D

    2 x v8s

    hi, Got 2x v8s with 4 line multi subscription. 1 clears just fine and server say online. Other now says off line and won't clear.. Internet etc just fine. Had problem on and off for couple of days!
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  11. L

    Openbox V8s scrambled

    Ive had my openbox V8s for nearly twelve months with hardly any issues but today all channels except freeview channels have scrambled. When i brought it it was said to have 24months subscription. I was wondering if any ideas? or will I have to purchase a new box?