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    Satellite Upgrading from H2S to H7S, keep settings?

    I currently have a zgemma H2S, however, it's showing signs that it's coming to the end of it's life (needs power cycle ever few days or it's useless). So, I've purchased a H7S and am wondering what the best method would be to basically copy my settings (inc. AutoTimer, Bouquets etc.) from the...
  2. Ferret.

    Tools Dreamset Latest

    Welcome to Dreamset! Dreamset is a settings editor for digital satellite receivers. Dreamset offers a user friendly interface with a plethora of useful operations that make settings modification and bouquets customization easier. You can use Dreamset to edit Settings of the following formats...
  3. S

    nvidia shield help

    hi i have installed iptv on nvidia shield but the setup on tv seems bigger than what it was on my old box is there any settings on shield i can alter to make it smaller thank you
  4. E

    Limiting time on internet

    Besides changing the password, is there a way to limit my child's time on the internet using some settings on my router? I have a Vodafone Ireland router.
  5. J

    ZGEMMA h.2s duel tuner config needed

    Hello i have a zgemma h2.s my tuner keep dropping out each time it's turned off. When i try and do a scan it advises there is a tuner config issue. Im running wooshbuild 6.2ATv Does anyone know what the correct config is for a duel tuner zgemma h.2s is please
  6. Blizzard17

    Wooshbuild IPTV Bouquet Maker - Help Please

    Hello I am looking for help on how to access the expert settings on the IPTV Bouquet Maker looking to change the TV stream Regards
  7. J

    Windows 10 HP laptop, windows 10 cant factory reset?

    Hi Guys, looking for a wee bit of advice, Have a HP laptop, windows 10, cant factory reset, It is only 32 gig, and hard drive is full, It will not let me into settings, have to right click, to get a menu, to turn off, only info I can find on net, is repeat hitting f11, but that does not work...
  8. allrounder55

    Bad problem with Acer Aspire V5 wont boot from usb stick in UEFI mode

    This is driving me mad. Ive tried everything theres no dvd drive as its a netbook. It will not boot from a usb drive in uefi mode. The screen scrambles when the stick put in a usb port. Or it just stays on the acer logo. Things ive done already: Used Rufus created in fat32 and ntfs under gpt...
  9. Narrator-Only-Option-Small


    No option to choose another audio source, other than Narrator. :(
  10. Narrator-On-Only


    No option to choose another audio source, other than Narrator. :(
  11. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
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