1. coozer

    Networking Issue?

    I have a fairly straight forward setup as follows.. Vm router, incoming 400mb internet.. .0.1 Then a WRT vpn enabled router which is .1.1 most things are plugged into this or I use the vpn enabled wifi... I have a cable from 1.1 going to my pub shed in the garden, its 55m long.. the cable is...
  2. P

    Setting up / Pointing Satellite & Openbox

    Hi Team, I need some guidance on the menu and usage of openbox with a satellite i did not set up. Currently i have a large dish (1m+?) that came with the house we just moved into. All wired up but stationary so manual movement. A quick random scan has brought hundreds of Chinese channels...
  3. Black-Panther

    How To Setup Zgemma H5.2TC?

    Hello guys, new to this forum and enjoying some of the value one here. I searched around and couldn't find the specific answer to this which matches my situation. I have a VM broadband but I used to have a satellite tv (sky), so therefore I don't have the specific cable wires to just plug and...
  4. C

    Zgemma H.2H Install - VM, Sky and IPTV

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I had an Openbox with Sky but as we all know most Sky channels have stopped working on them. As football season is fast approaching I've ordered a Zgemma H.2H box and need some help with setting it up. I've bought the extras...
  5. grog68

    anyone provide help setting up a v8 golden box please

    Hi A friend of mine bought a v8 golden box the other day and has sorted out a line (mgcamd) but can't figure out how to add it and I'm the other end of the country so can't 'pop over' and take a look and as I have not used them I wouldn't know where to start. If needs be I've said they could...