1. L


    Hi all I'm a newbie but have my i55 plus running Chabs sky skin and it's brillant but I have one issue , Can any one help I've tried all sorts to try get the epg like is shows in Chabs photo
  2. L

    Newbie help

    So I have a zgemma i55plus I have flashed using ATV and chabs sky skin installed all works a treat but when I hit the epg button on the remote it's not a sky guide , all other mini guides are fine , any ideas Thanks in advance
  3. G

    Please help for a Newbie!!

    Hi there i had my mate install OPEN ATV On a ZGEMMA H9S I bought he installed all the things i wanted but when it came to the skin it didnt work pictures below but when i install the skin on wooshbuild it works please help __ menu is skinned but EPG Isnt please help me. PLEASE GO ALL THE WAY...
  4. carbo

    help required on EPG bouquets navigation?

    just uploaded wooshbuild v 10 and extreme editor (not sure which runs the bouquets) , on my zgemma H7s. got it working and took a 24 hr trial. problem I have is I cannot move across the bouquets left - right using the "next" and "prev" buttons on the remote -in the sky skin - using Chabs...
  5. Chabs

    skyQ Skin V3.000 (New Layout)

    Download the attached rar file Extract the ipk in the downloaded rar file and ftp the extracted ipk file to /tmp of your reciever Installation: Telnet command opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk OpenATV Menu... setup... software management... install local extension...
  6. Chabs

    Freesat Skin

    Happy New Year All... Another 1st of its kind skin. This skin has been made specially for WooshBuild which runs on Open ATV 6.1, It should work well for other images or previous versions of Open ATV but it is yet to be tested. Feel free to copy anything you like or make mods or your sort of...
  7. S

    Skin - record red button problem

    hi, Ruining wooshbuild v6 on h2s. The way I use series link is by pressing the red button and setting a record option manually which searches for programmes in time ranGes, instead of pressing the record button and selecting series link. This works fine on chabbs skyq skin, but the red...
  8. B

    ET 8000 HD Flashing

    Hello all, had extend for couple of years now but running on openvix very early version which is not supported now for updates, question is if I flash the latest version of openvix is there anywhere I can use a skin which is all set up so I don't have to set up all again, or could I back up my...
  9. cactikid

    slyk skin for openvix?

    reading elsewhere this skin is not optimised for openvix and could include zgemma.