slyk skin for openvix?


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someone has posted spinning symbol on openvix on a genuine e2 box=slyk not to be used with openvix?


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All KiddaC's skins work perfectly on ViX. There was an issue some time ago with ATV and ViX where the skin would cause crashes but he's sorted that out in the latest versions.


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I saw that post doesn't really make sense the OP was having the spinner constantly running. Now that could be down to a number of things ie storage device not setup correctly, a dodgy plugin or anything else but because the OP mentioned he was running a skin that could have been the issue?

Normally that site asks for debug logs etc but nothing mentioned just
Try different Skins as it could be a Skin issue as SkyK isn't optimised for ViX.

Although he did say it could have been a skin issue doesn't meen it is and changing skin could have ruled that out.


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Funnily enough my duo2 is acting like a zgemma 2s since I installed Xrremetv 0.0.6 plugin! :-)

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Yea yesterday I had constant spinner and when going into plugins I was getting erno2 socket error it turned out to be a connection error I wasn't getting an IP on the box. I'm still not sure what the issue was or if it was the IPTV Bouquet plugin as I had to goto work so I reflashed an older backup I'll have another try over the weekend