1. cactikid

    slyk skin for openvix?

    reading elsewhere this skin is not optimised for openvix and could include zgemma.
  2. Almighty Jambon


    I have a zgemma 2s box but it is crazy slow. I found it slow before but all of a sudden it is loads slower (bringing up epg etc). Also I have lost all my sky channels (sky1, movies, sports)... bt sports still ok and box nation. Was wondering if anyone knew; - is there a way to speed up the...
  3. H

    IPTV Sub needed

    Hi Can anybody recommend Good and Stable IPTV SUB for full UK Sly. I am using MAG257 box Regards
  4. S

    Which Zgemma Box

    Hi Which Zgemma box should I buy we got 2 sat cables want to record pause and rewind programmes I see there are 2 better models the H.25 & the H5.2s its been mentioned Slyk skin is good we also want IPTV ?