1. N

    Suitable DVD backup Software

    Hi all, I've already had a look at the previous posts, but I'm not sure if the recommended software will still work. The situation I have is that I am having a clear out of my garage, and I've got a cupboard full of DVD's that I would like to back up onto a portable hard drive then dispose...
  2. siilver

    pc software share

    i have been a mac user for many many year and just got my first windows laptop. strange for me. but over the years i have plenty of websites for "free" software, but I'm not finding many windows ones. anyone know any please and thanks
  3. Prim@l

    All Adobe Creative Cloud Apps for Approx £3.24 [1 Year Sub] - No VPN Required via Adobe Lebanon For Teachers

    If you want to go for this, then it's super easy with no need for a VPN This is a year sub, don't forget to cancel if you don't want it to renew. How to get it: Click "Get Deal" Enter your email address Pop in your card details Select Teacher and add a school. Area of study - Design, Web...
  4. C

    Video to Text conversion software

    Hi Chaps I have recorded a few videos from work on my mobile which are about an hour long involving lots of talking about technical stuff - then uploaded to my laptop to watch again on VLC player Rather than me sit through and write everything down - is there any recommended software programs...
  5. E

    Need DVD/CD Software

    Could someone point me in the right direction of downloading software for DVD/CD copier and burner please for free if possible? I uninstalled a paid for Nero Platinum Suite from my PC. I've had it for 3 years but neglected to cancel auto renewal the last 2 years. It was doing my head in with the...
  6. Fusion

    Free pc tools PDF, video, image and other online tools to make your life easier

    TinyWow We offer PDF, video, image and other online tools to make your life easier Free PDF, Video, Image & Other Online Tools - TinyWow
  7. J

    Photoshop for MAC 10.15 Catalina

    Son looking for photoshop to run on an older MAC (Catalina)..... anyone a link for a download? Thanks in advance.
  8. Roger Mellie

    Revo Uninstaller Pro easy exploit

    The perfect exploit for Revo Uninstaller Pro latest version. Usually, license now have expiration date ( even cracked ones ) but this exploit makes expiration infinitive. All you have to do is: 1. Install Revo Uninstaller Pro Trial and not run it. 2. Goto "C:/ProgramData/VS Revo Group/Revo...
  9. R

    Updating smart TV software

    Hi First time in this area of Techkings, hope I'm in the right place. I have an old but hardly used Panasonic TX-L42 TV with a hard-wired connection to my router. The Panasonic Viera software is badly outdated. Some of the apps no longer exist, and others like BBC iplayer work for a few minutes...
  10. bonus2010

    4K Video Downloader

    4K Video Downloader Nice little program I often use to download video from Youtube and Facebook. Especially important just now, given the rate of censorship currently employed by those mega tech giants, if you want to keep somthing for future reference...
  11. bonus2010

    Audacity: Free Open Source Cross Platform Audio Software

    I've used this software for many years, apparently its been on the go for 20 years now! Not that I use it for any thing superbly technical, although it is very powerful software. Home page Download:
  12. 8

    Need some help with java

    It is the Java Sliding Tile Puzzle. I have a piece of long code, piece of short code. Need someone to write the sliding puzzle, reset, shuffle etc, theres about 14 steps, then test it / make it work. If anybody knows Java well and could help out id appreciate it :grin:
  13. E

    All In One Solution for Copying

    I'm looking for an all in one solution software for copying and converting from URLs to burn to CD/DVD discs for my own private use and also to have included in the software a function to copy my DVDs and CDs.
  14. C


    Hi all, Is there any way of getting photoshop cheaper/free than purchasing directly from Adobe? Grateful for any advice. Thanks Ian
  15. channelking

    Internet Download Manager

    Any use IDM by any chance? Prefer it to jdownloader Issue just started any link I download I am receiving the following error message. "This version of IDM does not support this type of downloading. Try to update IDM to the latest version" Has anyone come across this and is there a way to...
  16. burremr

    Microsoft Money

    Hi, anyone out there have a link to MS Money. My old windows 7 version (2010) was pin sharp. The official current version for Windows 10 is blurred and I cant find a link to older version
  17. W

    Please suggest a Windows password recovery software

    Lost the password on one of my old laptops. Try to reset the password with an USB disk but it only works on the computer which the password reset disk was made. It is Dell XPS 13, Windows 10
  18. E

    Best Paid Software To Copy DVDs This Way?

    Just wondering as to what is the best paid software that I can get to copy DVDs & CDs? I need this software to also copy an encrypted DVD movie & to be able to shrink it if it's too long for a 4.75GB blank DVD.
  19. bazcfc1

    Video shop

    Evening all has anyone got a copy of photo shop as my son is after a copy for his college work to do with it and just wondering if anyone had a copy or know where I could get my hands on a copy for him any help and advice greatly appriciated and thank you in advance for replys (if any lol)
  20. B

    Recovery Software

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for recovery software .... I accidently put an operating system on a hard drive by accident and I've lost all me photos and basically 10 years of work. .... I'm at the desperate stage now lol .... Any help would be brilliant Barney