1. E

    Advice needed for using iPad with Macular Degeneration

    I would greatly appreciate help with 2 things. My friend reached out to me for help. He has Macular Degeneration meaning that his sight is pretty bad. Using his iPad he is wondering if the text on any website that he visits can be read out aloud to him instead of squinting his eyes trying to...
  2. bonus2010

    Audacity: Free Open Source Cross Platform Audio Software

    I've used this software for many years, apparently its been on the go for 20 years now! Not that I use it for any thing superbly technical, although it is very powerful software. Home page Download:
  3. P

    sound issues

    Having sound issues on windows 10,i currently am using surround sound speakers on my pc as i use it for a media pc.Randomly the sound drops out and the power led on my speakers goes out if i raise volume it comes back on have tried a different make of surround and still the same anyone know of a...
  4. makido

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Problem with volume

    A friend of mine as an et8500 and as an annoying problem On the remote the volume is always set to 100 and they use the tv remote to increase the volume if needed. I keep getting a call saying they cant hear the tv despite the box remote and the tv remote being set to the max at 100. When it...
  5. grantdavey91

    iptv sound

    hi all new to iptv sub but familiar with e2 just using a iptv trial sub, why does iptv not have dolby digital, all hd channels as well as sd only have stereo sound...its 2018!! is there any suppliers that do offer dolby digital sound or if its not a thing yet, is there any way to force e2 to...
  6. Optimus Prime

    No sounds on some channels

    Hi. On my mag 256 box some hd some fhd channels have no sound yet on other devices the channels do. I've tried clearing user data and factory reset but still nothing. Any help would be great. Thanks
  7. W

    Sound issue

    Hi there. Getting an issue where every few seconds my sound cuts off on certain channels the video is playing fine and not glitching seems to be on most channels bar the sports. Bbc 1 sd i noticed tonight during motd. This seems to be even more noticable on a recording also. When i play...
  8. A


    Hey all, for the past few days I'm trying to sort a problem out that somewhat baffling me. I didn't do anything, nor changed any settings. But all my free channels aren't showing any pictures. The sound is there, but no picture. On the other hand! I switch to premium channels like Sky Sports...
  9. ellobee

    New FireTV Models to be Announced

    This looks interesting!
  10. A

    Broadlink rm pro

  11. N

    H2S loss of sound through tv and surround system

    Hi, just installed whooshbuild v5 on my H2s and all appeared running well. Then I lost all sound on all channels through tv and connected surround sound system. Tried turning off and on no change. Switched to terrestrial tv and sound is back. Any ideas please?