stb emu

  1. Pacman2D

    Is it still worth purchasing a Mag Box?

    I have been using the Amazon firestick for IPTV for a while now using the iptv providers dedicated apps. While I haven’t found anything bad about it in terms of streaming and the quality, I have always liked the simplicity of the mag box layout and even the look of the StbEmu emulator on a...
  2. I

    Iptv stb emu not working 4k firesticj

    Ive 2 firesticks 4k hd both running stb emu one works fine, other wont work. Screen loads and when i select a channel will stay blank. Im using PIA VPN so ive been on at them. Tried uninstalling etc still no idea what to try anyone got any ideas? If so plz explain diff things to try thank you...
  3. P

    IPTV stb emu black screen after firstick 4k update? running PIA vpn???

    IPTV black screen after firstick 4k update? running PIA vpn??? Im runnng stb emu & PIA vpn but im getting problems, it seems to have started after the new update, can any one else help? My sub is working, as it lets me in & I can see the menu, but when I pick a channel its a black screen. all...
  4. B

    IPTV Interest....

    Hope everyone is good. I've had 6 months sub to an IPTV via IPTV Smarters. However I do like the stbEmu interface and do prefer this sort of style through channels. I have a couple of friends who are also seeking a reliable supplier. Can anyone help me out with a provider and oh cost effective...
  5. celldweller

    IPTV - STB EMU on firestick

    Hi all, Is it possible to get an alternative firetv sick remote app on my phone so I can access the color buttons on the menu?
  6. M

    IPTV Apps/Devices

    Hello fellow Tekkers, I see alot of post about what apps are best to use with certain device so i have put a consolidated list together of all the apps and devices that i have used and tested during the last few months. What i will say i am no expert in this field i to have just learnt the hard...
  7. moe84

    IPTV via Android tv box

    HI Guys, I am considering to buy 1 of this -...